How to install Clip In hair extensions

Achieve the look of extensions with semi-permanent installation!

Secret of Medusa’s Clip-Ins are the perfect way to achieve the flawless, luxurious look of professional extensions without having to commit to semi-permanent installation. Use all six pieces for glamorous length and volume, or give your natural look a boost with just two or three pieces.

Below we explain how to apply your amazing Clip-In Extensions:

1. Part your hairline base.

  • Part your hair horizontally about 2-3″ from the base of your hairline and secure the appropriately fitting Clip-In weft.



2. Part hair above the hairline base.

Create another horizontal part one with two fingers width above the first Clip-In. Then attach the second piece, continuing upwards on the scalp and adding hair where needed. Typically, the 3 and 4-clip wefts are used for the bottom rows and the 2-clip wefts fill in the sides and top, but we recommend you try a few different placements to see what’s right for your individual needs.


3. Add security!

For added security, anchor your Clip-Ins by tying a tiny rubber band around a small section of hair corresponding with the location of the clips and attach the clip over the band.

It’s important to treat your hair extensions, permanent or daily, as you would with your own hair!


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