Hair extensions are an investment in your confidence!

It's important to treat your hair extensions, permanent or daily, as you would with your own hair! When you follow proper care instructions, you can double the lifetime of your Scarlett hair!

Below we explain how to wash and blow dry, brush, sleep with, tighten, and colour your hair extensions

1. Washing Hair Extensions:

  • Comb hair gently, to detangle before showering and washing.

  • Use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, like Secret of Medusa Shampoo & Conditioner.

  • When washing use gentle motions, avoid heavy circular motions, do not lather and scrub the hair with shampoo, stroke hair in a downwards motion shampooing roots only and conditioning mid-shaft down

  • Permanent, wash 1-2 days/week. Daily, wash 1-3 times/month.

Tip to skip washing permanent hair extensions:

Before washing, separate your natural hair from your top row of extensions, braid or clip extensions underneath natural hair to only wash natural hair. Only wash and blow-dry the top/front sections of your natural hair to gain bounce back.

. Drying Hair Extensions:

  • For permanent extensions, squeeze excess water from hair in a downward motion with a towel. Air dry, and style as usual with your favourite products.

  • For daily extensions, hang your extensions to dry.

  • For dry climates, it’s recommended to use a hair serum to be used after every wash.

If you can’t avoid blow-drying, and you need to get ready fast, here are a few tips:

Apply a heat protectant spray before you blow dry to keep your hair sleek and healthy. Blow dry your hair from above, with the dryer and air going downwards as your brush your hair.

3. Brushing Hair Extensions

  • Always use a large-toothed comb or wet brush.

  • For permanent hair extensions, hold down your roots where your hair extensions are installed with one hand and comb through with the other hand.

  • Always be sure to hold at the root, not to pull and loosen your extension.

  • For daily extensions, hold the root firmly and follow the same steps.

    4. Sleeping With Hair Extensions

    • Wet hair is more susceptible to damage because it encourages the hair cuticles to rub together promoting tangles and bacteria growth in the hair.

    • With permanent extensions we suggest a low braid or ponytail in your hair when going to sleep.

    • With daily extensions, store in your Scarlett box for ultimate protection.

We also suggest silk pillow cases, they are not only great for your skin, but are a great way to keep hair from shedding or breaking!

5. Tightening Hair Extensions:

  • Permanent hair extensions should always be applied or tightened (every 6-8 weeks) by a professional to ensure proper application without damage, unlike daily extensions that you can apply yourself.

6. Colouring Hair Extensions

  • Hair extensions can be coloured, however hair extensions should never be lightened, only darkened.
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