Silk Scrunchie *Bunny Tail * Blonde
Scarlett x Roselane

Silk Scrunchie *Bunny Tail * Blonde

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Luxury, high quality silk scrunchies. They're made with a thick durable elastic band that won't stretch with use. Double stitched to ensure they won't rip over time. These silk scrunchies are made with love and care in Edmonton, Alberta.

Bunny-tails are detachable, if you would like to wear the scrunchie by itself!

The benefits of using silk scrunchies compared to other hair ties or scrunchies:
- Gentle on dry, damaged hair
- Less breakage compared to regular hair ties
- Does not leave creases in your hair
- Reduces split ends due to less friction
- Less moisture loss
- Hypoallergenic
- Completely natural

These scrunchies are a perfect solution to preventing hair damage caused by regular hair ties.

Our scrunchies are available in 2 sizes: Maxi & Midi. The difference in sizes relates to how fluffy the scrunchie is, it is not the size of the elastic. Depending on how much of a statement you would like your scrunchie, you can choose a size that would best suit your style! 

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