Online Education & Certification


Our online training program can be completed on your schedule, at your own pace and right from the comfort of your own home! If you feel overwhelmed, you can add-on a hands-on training day with our certified educators.You can rewatch each module as often as needed until you have reached the confidence to continue without losing your place in the course.

You will be taught everything from How Hair Grows,  Different Hair Types, History of Hair Extensions, How to Protect Yourself  & Your Client , The Perfect Client Consultation (with downloadable PDF to print), How to Start Your Business all the way through the full steps of Scarlett's Secret Weft application! Once certified, you will confidently apply your new advanced techniques of  Scarlett's Secret  fitting techniques of application including Hair Sourcing and Selection , Color Matching, Sectioning of Hair & Beads, Secret Stitching Pattern and Precise Hair Mapping . 

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Congratulations! You are fully Certified!

Your stylist profile will be added to our 

-You will receive a lifetime discount code for 40% off all Scarlett Hair Extensions.

-You will receive 1 on 1, virtual support from our educators plus full access to Scarlett's Secret  Support Group where you will find continued support from fellow students and educators who paved the path before you.

You will see an instant boost in your business, your confidence and the confidence of anyone who sits in your chair! 
Get in touch with our Scarlett Hair Professional representative.

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