Black* Deluxe Business Start-up Kit *Scarlett's Secret Academy
Scarlett's Secret Academy

Black* Deluxe Business Start-up Kit *Scarlett's Secret Academy

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DELUXE BUSINESS START-UP KIT ($1250 value) includes:

Your choice of Black OR Rose Gold Travel Case 

3x  4.0mm Scarlett Silicone Beads
3x  4.5mm Scarlett Silicone Beads  
3x Scarlett String  (3 colors)
3x Scarlett Student Comb
3x Scarlett x Roselane Silk Scrunchies
Rose Gold Bead Holder
5x Rose Gold Curved Needle
30x Rose Gold Weft Holder Clips
Rose Gold Bead Closer
Rose Gold Bead Opener
Rose Gold Scarlett Scissors
Rose Gold Scarlett Blending Shears
Scarlett Hair Color Ring
120 grams 20" Scarlett Wefts of Hair

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